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Check out our boba line! We offer everything you need to make your own boba drinks. From boba, powder, jellies, popping pearls, to syrups, let us provide you all the ingredients for your next perfect drink.

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Check out our Dried Foods! We have all the basic ingredients necessary in making a tasty meal. From rice, flour, sugar, oil, to canned food, let us provide you with the ingredients for your next meal.

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Check out our frozen section! It’s essential to keep a good stock of frozen goods like chicken meat, chicken wings, peas & carrots, and eggs on hand, so let us help and provide for you!


Check out our sauce and seasoning section! The key to the perfect bite lies in the power of seasoning and sauce. We have soy sauce, vinegar, sriracha, chili sauce, and more in store, so let us provide you with the necessary condiments for your next dish.


Check out our packaging section! Packaging always comes in handy for those moments when your customers are on the go. That’s why we have all the packaging goods you need from to-go container, napkins, utensils, film wrap, t-shirt bag, and more, so let us provide for you.

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Check out our janitorial section! In order to keep a clean, healthy, and welcoming space, it is necessary to keep janitorial goods on hand. From cleaning chemicals, trash liners, seat covers, gloves, to paper towels, let us provide you your cleaning solutions.


Check out our produce section! Fresh ingredients like our broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, onions, carrots, and more are always essential in cooking a good meal. Let us be your produce providers.

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